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LED Light Projects
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Emergency T8 LED tube 2400mm 1200mm 1500mm 600mm 6000k linear tube 20160803

Emergency T8 LED tube 2400mm 1200mm 1500mm 600mm 6000k linear tube

Date: 2016.08.03

Export Country City: Nigeria-Maiduguri

Architectural Project Type: Hospitals (Medical Center + Wellness center)

Architectural lighting LED product information and quantity:
1) T8 LED tube,1200mm,18w,6000k,80ra,ac100-240v,non-dimmable,17584pcs
2) T8 LED tube,(Emergency 3 hours "180 minutes"Emergency Power 9W)1500mm,23w,6000k,80ra,ac100-240v,non-dimmable,541pcs
3) T8 LED tube,2400mm,60w,6000k,80ra,ac100-240v,non-dimmable,587pcs
4) T8 LED tube,600mm,10w,6000k,80ra,ac100-240v,non-dimmable,859pcs

    Hongnuo architectural LED lighting,Served Most of the construction contractors are involved in LED lighting products application industry and areas include:
1)  Business center LED Lighting: Trade Shows fairs/Shops + Exhibitions, Auto Showroom(Auto Dealerships), Motor Show, Office building(Area: Doorway/door, Entryways/Entrance, Reception/Front desk, Reception room, Waiting room, Lobbies"Lobby"/hall, Offices'Conference Room/Boardroom/Meeting room, Big Conference halls, Communication room, Laboratories, Sample, Lounge, Showroom/Exhibition hall, warehouse, Parking Lot(24 hour car park, Underground Parking Lot, Underground car park, Hotel Underground Parking);
2)  Public infrastructure LED Lighting: Department of Defense, Parliament, Municipal Road and city street, Landmark Landmarks(Large buildings Square), Super Engineering, Airports, Banks, Museum of Art, Gallery science Museum, Technology center(Data center / computer room), Railway Platforms(Railway statio/high speed railway/subway), Spaceship, Public Buildings Bridges Spaces, Tunnel, Large pillars, Ferry, Bus Stations, Police Stations,Plant, Mine, Gas station,Highway toll stations;
3)  Hospitals(Medical Wellness center) LED Lighting: Nurses station, Ward, Treatment Room, Emergency room,Care area;
4)  Shopping plaza(Shopping centers / Shopping mall) LED Lighting: Supermarket Malls, Parking Lot/Car Parks /Parking Garage, Department Store, Shops, Retail Stores, High-end retail, Clothing Store, Brand stores, Boutiques, Jewelry Stores, Bookstore;
5)  Educational iNstitutions LED Lighting: Schools, Kindergarten, Library, Classrooms, Music room, language room, Art gallery, warehouse, Reading room, Arts & Culture, Art gallery, Data center / computer room,School playground;
6)  Entertainment leisure place LED Lighting: Beauty salons(Beauty shop, Barber shop), Coffee shop, Concert hall, Bar, Gaming room, Ktv,Spa,Cinema,Theaters, Casino, Colosseum, Amusement park, Aquarium, Large fish farms,Sea Life;
7)  Sports LED Lighting: Gymnasium/Health club//Gym, Playground, Sports Arena, Stadium, Racecourse, Sports Stadium, Football court, Basketball court, Badminton court, Tennis court, Golf court, Baseball court, Hockey court, Rugby court, Table tennis court, Volleyball court, Natatorium / diving venues, ice court, Shooting hall, Fencing hall;
8)  Residential LED Lighting: villa, Multi-Family Residential/private houses, Duplex building(Parking Garage, warehouse, Corridors, Stairway,Aisle, Roadway, Living room, Restaurant, Kitchen, Dining room, Wine cabinet, Cabinet, closet, wardrobe, Shoebox , Bath, Bedroom, Children's room, Cloakroom, Terrace/Balcony, garden, Fountain Swimming pool, Waterfall, Lawn, Patio;
9)  Churches+Monasteries LED Lighting: Auditorium, Opera house;
    We are looking forward to cooperate and service with more construction contractors, agents and distributors around the world. To create more great world-class green energy-efficient building LED lighting projects together.
Emergency 3 hours (180 minutes) Emergency Power 9W T8 led tube,18w t8 1200mm led tube,60w t8 2400mm led tube,t8 1500mm led tube 23w,600mm led linear tube 10w

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LED Architectural Lighting Systems requires a full layout of the performance parameters involved

1) LED light Shape: Linear "line",Round,elliptical"Oval",Large Rectangular"rectangle,square", Right parallelogram, Large Flat panel, Striped, Linear Ceilings, Convex, Concave, Hexagon, Triangular,T Shaped, Cross, Trapezoid;
2) LED light Installation method"mounted,Mounting"types(Profile,Continuous run installation"Continuous row mounting",Individual or continuous runs): Pendant"Vertical pendant,Horizontal pendant,Ceiling Pendant, Twin pendant, Stainless steel wire Strip
Fixtures suspension, Cable"cabtyre" suspension, Bollard suspension,Rod suspension,Wall Wash Pendant", Suspended"Adjustable wire suspension",Hanging; Track / Rail Mounted(2,3,4 circuit track), Smart magnetic track; Cove, Recessed(Ceiling
Recessed Wall Wash, Recessed Modular, Semi-Recessed,Recessed Multiples), Flush Mount, Wall Surface mounted"Wall Wash Surface Mount, Nude Frost Surface-mounted", Ceiling mounted,floor surface Ceiling; Free-standing,Floors light, Table lamp;
3) LED light Luminous direction: Direct Indirect, Direct-indirect light distribution, Dual direction illumination, Bidirectional light distribution, Ligthplane Linear Up & Under, Dual Distribution, UpDown(70/30% or 80/20% down/uplight), Symmetric or asymmetric
reflector, Triplane,Single and double versions;
4) LED light additional features: 0-10V dimmable, DALI Lighting Management Systems dimmable, Triac dimmable, Emergency options(LED batten), Sensor(PIR & Microwave Sensor Switch, Lighting Controls Sensors), DMX512 digital lighting control
systems,Tunable White, Adjustable color temperature, colour warm dimming;
5) LED light Color temperature"CCT"(Unit:Kelvin): Ultra Warm White 2400K, Incandescent"Extra Warm White" 2700K, Warm white 3000K, Soft white 3500K, Neutral white,"Natural white" 4000K,Cool white 5000K,Cold White 6500K, LED color light(LED
wavelength): Red,Green, Blue, Amber, RGB, RGB+White, LED light Color rendering index"CRI":80Ra,90Ra,97Ra;(Special custom: R9>=90+ );
6) LED light Surface color: White(matt white), Black(matt black), Black and White Combinations,Silver(matt silver, Matt silver anodised), Gray"grey", Brushed Aluminum, Chrome, Gold, Brown, Wood grain, Multi coloured, RAL / Pantone palette available;
7) LED light Luminous material effect: Flat Opal Lens"Flat Clear Lens", Opal diffuser Lens(Square & Round Lens ), Micro prismatic diffuser, High Definition Prismatics (HDP), Tecario with High Definition Prismatics (HDP),Indirect reflector, Frosted cover,
Linearprismatic diffuser,Flat diffuser, Spotlight-optic, Focus Lens ,Asymmetric Lens , Spread Lens"louvre optics,Satin louver, Silver darkl louver,Microprismatic screen and louver,specular louvre and transparent cover",anti-glare optical reflector"Anti-glare",
"glare rating EN 12464 -(UGR<19)", "glare-free light ";
8) LED light Power"Watts", Voltage Value(Universal voltage,Input voltage, Operating Voltage): DC12V,DC24V,DC36V, DC72V, AC120V"90-130v", AC220V"220-240v, AC85-347V(85-265v,100-240v,100-277v);
9) LED light IP rating(Indoor and outdoor waterproof and not waterproof): IP68,IP67,IP65,IP54,IP50,IP44,IP40,IP20, LED light more...

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